Food and Beverage

Characteristics A white or almost white voluminous free-flowing powder odor slight & characteristic
Solubility . Freely Soluble in water, in chloroform & in ethanol (96%) in Chloroform, Practically insoluble in ether
Identification To comply as per BP
Acidity or Alkalinity NMT 0.1 ml of ether 0.1M. Hydrochloric Acid or 0.1 MSodium Hydroxide Solution is required to change the color of solution
Clarity & Color of Solution 2.0% in Carbon dioxide free water is clear & colorless
Amines & Amine Salts If two inflections are observed the volume of titrant added between the two points is not greater than 2.0ml
Loss of Drying NMT 2% w/w
Sulphated ash . NMT 0.5% w/w
Assay . Between 98% -101% w/w