Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

  1. Curechem is engaged in social responsibility projects aimed at assisting under privileged communities.
    • Currently in Zimbabwe, supporting a candle-making project by Kunzwana Women’s Association by providing inputs and expertise; and
    • Aunty Beauty Daycare, a charitable crèche with 70 under privileged kids from the local community. Curechem providing stationery and groceries.
  2. There are other similar projects within the Group.

Zambia Ministry of Health

We are currently helping with the pandemic as you may know COVID-19 has affected all aspects of life and we are on the ground in supporting all health groups in sensitising and outreaching people with donations

Keep Zambia Health and clean campaign

We have been helping in keeping Zambia’s environment clean and greener buy engaging the local government in Tukose Ifiso Programs (Kitwe) and other local government cleaning projects currently going on in Zambia. We have a motto of our children bright future is a clean and greener environment.