ETG Curechem is engaged in social responsibility projects aimed at assisting under privileged communities.

ETG Initiatives

As a responsible corporate citizen, the ETG is committed to developing the next generation of disenfranchised youth of South Africa. Given the youthful nature of the South African population, much of the socio-economic challenges faced by our nation, including poverty, inequality and joblessness, poor health are largely encountered by the youth.
The gravity of challenges South Africa is faced with, require multi-pronged efforts that simultaneously promote the development of sustainable livelihoods, reduce poverty, inequality and prioritise the development of opportunities which create an enabling environment for youth development. This will be accomplished by providing targeted support, both in terms of basic needs, as well as educational advancement opportunities.

BBBEE Status

The ETG Responsible Corporate Citizen Plan

Provision of Basic Needs

  • There are complex and multiple factors that work against girls’ education in developing countries; the lack of feminine hygiene products is one of the leading negative factors in many poor communities in South Africa.
  • In recent times, there has been various media reports showing that there is a crucial need for a policy that will ensure hygiene products are available to those that cannot afford it.
  • Many education experts believe that there is a significant negative effect on schooling for school girls in impoverished peri-­urban and rural areas.
  • The initiatives will provide for the hygiene requirements of girls that come from disadvantaged communities and to those girls that do not have access to and cannot afford them.
  • Studies from the American Psychological Association have revealed that hunger has an adverse effect brain functionality. Without adequate nutrients the brain cannot develop properly. This in turn results in effects on long term learning abilities.
  • The ETG Initiatives will provide meals to the underprivileged learners. This will allow the learners to concentrate and drive meaningful success in relation to their studies.

Provision of Tuition

  • Very few previously disadvantaged scholars pass or even write matric Mathematics and Science (key gateway subjects) and therefore don’t have the opportunity to pursue careers in engineering, science and technology – skills so vital to our developing country.
  • In the South African context, the country is faced with extremely low literacy and numeracy levels. Furthermore, in the secondary education phases there is very low uptake in the subjects of mathematics and sciences. In focusing our attention to developing young talent we will address the National Skills Shortage by equipping the youth with opportunities to pursue these subjects and the associated support to ensure success.
  • The organisation will provide tuition to students who show promise in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Post the Secondary Schooling Phase

  • ETG is committed to providing two phases post secondary schooling, viz
  • Bursaries for University Education subject to meeting the entry criteria, and;
  • SETA Accredited Learnerships that provide “on-the-job” training, directed occupational learning with a lower entry requirement than traditional tertiary education